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High end for a good cause:

Ultrasone auctions off Tribute 7 headphones number 777 – proceeds to the Peter Maffay Foundation

The auction ended.
Congratulations to the winner and many thanks to all participants.

As part of its 25-year anniversary celebrations, Ultrasone AG recently revived a classic.

The Tribute 7s are an homage to the legendary Edition 7s from 2004, some of the world’s most exclusive headphones: only 777 units were produced – each with its own serial number. However, number 777, perhaps the most sought-after set of headphones from this strictly limited edition, is not available through regular sales channels. Instead, from 7 July 2016 the Bavarian headphones manufacturer will be auctioning this set of high-end headphones online at www.ultrasone.de. For 77 days, audiophiles will have the one-time opportunity to get their hands on this unique item – and simultaneously support a good cause: the entire proceeds from the auction will go to the Peter Maffay Foundation. The starting price is €3,000.

The reincarnation of a classic

Exactly twelve years ago, in 2004, Ultrasone began its handcrafted production on Lake Starnberg with the Edition 7. These high-end audiophile headphones, strictly limited to 999 pieces, were an ambitious venture back then: a new quality of headphones for a target group that was not yet as clearly defined as it is today. But the Ultrasone manufacturing facility’s first work was a hit and was sold all over the world within a few weeks – after which the first handcrafted masterpiece sold out. Even today, music lovers rave about the “first major Ultrasone product”, and in Asia, the headphones reach dream prices in auctions. Time for the reincarnation of a classic – curtains up for the Tribute 7, now in an even more limited edition with only 777 units.

Tribute 7: an homage to the legend

In order to pay proper respect to the legendary original, the Tribute 7s’ acoustics are configured in just the same way as the original Edition 7s. This is confirmed by the individual measuring reports provided with each set of Tribute 7s. And the appearance of the headphones is also based on the predecessor: highly polished, metal-coated brass logo plaques adorn the aluminium ear cups, which are precisely milled from a single block of extremely lightweight aircraft aluminium and then carefully anodised in the colour “mystic blue”.

Excellent sound and unrivalled comfort

The Tribute 7s have a retro look, yet from an acoustic and audiophile point of view they represent the very latest in technology advancement. Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures a unique spatial sound. The integrated ULE technology (MU metal shielding) in these high-class headphones ensures that exposure to electromagnetic radiation is reduced in accordance with the ULE standard. The Tribute 7 combines excellent sound and maximum wear comfort in its own unique way. The ear cushions, covered with Ethiopian sheep leather, gently adjust themselves to the ear and provide excellent insulation. Thanks to the highly stable yet extremely lightweight aircraft aluminium used, the Tribute 7 weighs just 396 grams.

Tribute 7 number 777: an auction for a good cause

While the serial numbers of certain sets of these high-end headphones may have personal significance for some people, there are others that are more generally much sought after – such as number 777. But you won’t find the Tribute 7 headphones with this serial number in stores, and they’re not available by direct order either: instead, from 7 July 2016 audiophiles will have the chance to bid for the headphones with this highly sought-after serial number on www.ultrasone-tribute7.com. For 77 days up to 22 September 2016 17:00 CEST, a charity auction will be taking place at this web address. Ultrasone will donate the entire proceeds from the Tribute 7 number 777 auction to the Peter Maffay Foundation. The starting price is €3,000.
Peter Maffay Stiftung

Safe spaces for children and young people: the Peter Maffay Foundation

The Peter Maffay Foundation was founded in 2000 by the famous musician of the same name. Since then, the organisation has been offering children and young people in need relaxation and education, in various facilities in Germany, Romania and Spain. The Peter Maffay Foundation’s facilities, which offer a protective environment embedded into nature (e.g. Finca Ca’n Llompart), give children and their families space to talk. This makes it possible to process their own particular difficult situation and overcome isolation.